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Special issue: Covid-19 pandemic as a global catastrophic risk

date: April 6th, 2020

Call for Papers

Studia Humana special issue

Covid-19 pandemic as a global catastrophic risk


The current alarming global situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic should be a good opportunity for scientists and philosophers to discuss not only scientific, but also social, philosophical or ethical challenges caused by the pandemic. For instance, in many countries there were introduced significant limitations of our freedoms because of the quarantine. The special issue of the journal Studia Humana is focused on publishing contributions which discuss broad social, philosophical and ethical issues connected with the risk of pandemic today. Mostly we are going to discuss recent and forecasted social impacts of different pandemics, but first of all some impacts of Covid-19 as a kind of global catastrophic risk. All possible philosophical reflections on this idea are welcome.


All contributors interested in this issue are asked to inform our editors about their interest. The final version of paper should be sent to by the end of June 2020.



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