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Mateusz Mierzejewski

Mateusz Mierzejewski - an employee of the Cracow University of Economics. His work on macroeconomic research focuses on the analysis of the relationship between economic growth and the improvement of the quality of social life.



Evaluation of Employment and Labour Market Trends in European Countries in 2007-2016

Issue: 8:4 (the thirty second issue)
The paper presents a partial evaluation of employment and factors related to the labour markets in European countries in 2007-2016. The interconnectedness of these determinants in the context of GDP dynamics per capita for each country was examined. The quoted partial subject literature and empirical research allowed to formulate the most important conclusions, among others: in the context of GDP dynamics per capita, at least four groups of countries can be distinguished in Europe, each of them has completely different characteristics having an influence (in the Granger causality sense) on change in GDP per capita of these countries for various time steps.