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Małgorzata Obrycka

Doctor of social sciences, assistant professor at the Institute of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Pomeranian Academy in Słupsk. Author of the book: "Doctrine in the face of everyday life. Fenomenographical study on religious upbringing in the family". The researcher is interested in the philosophy of education, in particular the issues of shaping the moral identity of modern man in the context of independent ethics and posthumanism.



Intuitive Law in the Light of Independent Ethics

Issue: 7:3 (The twenty seventh issue)
The conception of the paper is connected with bringing forward the reflection
of Leon Petrażycki on intuitive law. For this purpose I analyze the genesis and
dynamics of this phenomenon on the cultural-historical level, as well as with
reference to issues belonging to the scope of positive law. In addition, I
broaden the research field with the range of problems touching on intuitionism,
morality, and also independent ethics of Janusz Kotarbinski. The starting point
of the methodological optics I assume is constituted by the multi-aspectual
transformations surrounding us in the sphere of axiology. Hence, if the
pedagogical aspects are taken into account, it seems to me justified to
undertake some actions in order to search for the logically consistent, sensible
and universal solutions, which can become an ethical guide-post for the
contemporary human being.