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Katarzyna Barska

She has a Ph. D. in Philosophy from the Jagiellonian University, Cracow. She specializes in Ingarden`s ontology development. Her research interests include formal, material and existential ontology, modes of being, negative states of affairs (Meinong – Ingarden), individual object, absolute whole, sumative whole (Husserl, Twardowski – Ingarden), ontological structure of human (Stein – Ingarden). She is the secretary of the Centre for Research named Roman Ingarden (


Theory of the Whole and the part – Ontological Perspective (E. Husserl, R. Ingarden)

Issue: 4:1 (The thirth issue)
The purpose of the paper is demonstrate the thesis that Ingarden`s ontological system allows a better understanding of the “part-whole” problem then previous theories. Especially, if we take into account the existential ontology of Ingarden, which refers to Husserl “part-whole” theory, we can see that development of terms made by Ingarden sheds new light on old problems. In this context, particularly important is to distinguish between two existential moments: contingancy/inseparatness, because thanks to them we can talk about many different types of relationships and hence many types of objects.