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Hany Moubarez



Arabic and Islamic Philosophy and Sciences: Method and Truth

Issue: 9:1 (the thirty third issue)
What are Arabic and Islamic philosophy and sciences? How and where did they come about? I am trying in this preface to provide a short and brief answer to those two questions. Having done this, I sketch the contents of five papers trying to study Arabic and Islamic philosophy and sciences from its perspective to method and truth.

Three Notes on the Method of Analysis and Synthesis in its Ancient and (Arabic) Medieval Contexts

Issue: 9:1 (the thirty third issue)
Most historians and philosophers of philosophy and history of mathematics hold one interpretation or the other of the nature of the method of analysis and synthesis in itself and in its historical development. In this paper, I am trying to prove – through three points – that, in fact, there were two understandings of that method in Greek Mathematics and philosophy, and which were reflected in Arabic mathematical science and philosophy; this reflection is considered as proof also of this double nature of that method. Thus, we have to rethink the nature of Arabic philosophy systems.