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Hamdi Mlika



Perspectives on the Notion of Truth in Arabic Philosophy

Issue: 9:1 (the thirty third issue)
In the present paper, I assume that the notion of “truth” in philosophy would
not have been clarified and tackled properly, if philosophers did not take into
account earlier Arabic Medieval research contributions and build upon
previous research findings. In the first place, I embark on the scrutiny of the
rich aspect (or nature) of the Arabic Lexicon in terms of the “truth” meaning.
In the second place, I take on the assumption that Arabic linguistic traditions
imply different kinds of truths, depending on various spheres of human
thoughts and actions based on the logical approach to “truth” (from Al-Kindi
up to Averroes via Al-Farabi and Avicenna) and the term “al-haqiqha” as
transliterated from Arabic, remain central. In conclusion, I take on an approach
to “truth” that gives worth to logical perspectives at the very heart of Medieval
Arab traditions in the light of what I would label as the “Omni-cultural
Universality of Logic and Science”.