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Bruce Foltz

Professor of Philosophy at Eckerd College (USA), where he is also Director of the Senior Honors Program.



The Fluttering of Autumn Leaves: Logic, Mathematics, and Metaphysics in Florensky’s The Pillar and Ground of the Truth

Issue: 2:3/2:4 (The seventh/eighth issue)
Difficulties in understanding Pavel Florensky’s work The Pillar and Ground of the Truth are daunting due in large part to its methodical transgressing of identities: between disciplinary boundaries (his work drawing freely from philosophy, theology, logic and mathematics, art history, linguistics, and philology); between literary identities, as he fluidly shifts between literary criticism, logical proof, poetic discourse, and philosophical dialectics in his own writing; as well as in collapsing identities between concepts that appear to be binary and incompatible.

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