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Anna Pietrzak

Psychology at Jagiellonian University master degree graduate, specialised in clinical and sport psychology. Studied also at the University of Aberdeen. Her master thesis title was: Students – athletes motivational dispositions. Currently is a PhD student at Jagiellonian University, gives classes on Emotion and Motivation Psychology and works as a psychologist in Occupational Therapy Workshops.



Procrastination as a Form of Misregulation in the Context of Affect and Self-Regulation

Issue: 5:3 (The nineteenth issue)
This article aims in situating procrastination, as a specific form of
affect regulation failure in context of general affect and self-regulation
literature. This will be brought starting with definition of the phenomenon and
its’ various forms and perspectives. Next, giving an insight into affect
regulation literature. In the third step we will focus on elaborating the picture
of procrastination and its’ underlying mechanisms in order to locate it in a
broader domain of affect regulation as a specific form of self-regulatory lapse.
A commentary regarding dealing with procrastination and effective affect
regulation will be provided.