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Anna Głąb

Anna Głąb, Ph.D., since 2009 a university teacher at the Faculty of Philosophy at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland). She has published the following book-length studies: Rozum w świecie praktyki. Poglądy filozoficzne Marthy C. Nussbaum [The Reason in the World of Practise. Martha Nussbaum’s Conception of Philosophy], (2010); Literatura a poznanie moralne. Epistemologiczne podstawy etycznej krytyki literackiej [Literature and Moral Cognition. The Epistemological Basis of Ethical Literary Criticism], (2016); Ostryga i łaska. Rzecz o Hannie Malewskiej [Oyster and Mercy. The Story of Hanna Malewska], (2009); and as an editor: Filozofia i literatura [Philosophy and Literature], (2011), and Etyka i literatura [Ethics and Literature], (2014).



The Tectonics of Love in Leo Tolstoy’s Resurrection

Issue: 5:3 (The nineteenth issue)
The text analyzes Leo Tolstoy’s Resurrection focusing on the feelings
expressed in the novel. It focuses on: (I) the ways in which the content of the
novel is expressed through artistic means; (II) Tolstoy’s anthropology; (III) the
notion of love presented by Ronald de Sousa in his last book Love. A Very
Short Introduction: the difference between love and mood or emotion; the
classification of love (philia, storge, agape, eros); the distinction between love
and lust; love as a reason-free desire; and the notion of the historicity of love.