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Alan Futerman

Alan Futerman (Rosario, Argentina) is an advanced student of BA in Economics at the University of the Latin-American Educational Center (UCEL). He has been researcher at the Bases Foundation, focusing in economic theory from the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics. He has also been editor at, a website on social sciences and economics, and is co-founder and member of the Editor Committee at Revista Dissertatio, journal for the publication of the best qualified final thesis by students of BA in Economics at the National University of Rosario. He was also member of the Hadar Foundation. He has contributed essays to journals like Revista Procesos de Mercado, Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law and Invenio, and lectured on economic subjects in congresses and seminars, such as the Annual Meeting of the Argentine Association of Political Economy (AAEP), among others. His main interests are macroeconomics, political philosophy and epistemology.



A Praxeological Approach to Intentional Action

Issue: 6:4 (The twenty fourth issue)
The concept of Intentional Action is at the core of Praxeology, as developed by the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. Under this unique approach,
defined as the science of human action and designed to study the field of the deductive system starting from the desired one. From this axiom, the al features and implications of human action; such as value, scale of value, scarcity, abundance, profit, loss, uncertainty and causality, among others. This paper intends to present the praxeological perspective on intentional action and its epistemological implications; it also attempts to answer objections to this thesis.