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Hany Moubarez, Yagoubi Mahmmoud, Moussa Fatahine, Hamdi Mlika, Regula Forster,

Mahmmoud Yagoubi is a professor of philosophy and logic at the university of Algeria.

Moussa Fatahine is a professor of philosophy and logic at the university of Khemis-Miliana in Algeria.


The Status of Conditional Syllogism in Syllogistics

The form of the conditional syllogism resembles that of the categorical syllogism, while its subject matter is at least a conditional premise, but its conclusion is always conditional conjunctive or disjunctive. This mixed structure to which we apply the rules of the categorical syllogism, is a structure of which Aristotle did not have an idea, and which the Stoics did not conceive, and which the non-Arabian logicians did not know until in modern times. But what we have to notice here is the putting of a conditional matter in the form of the categorical syllogism, and it is this kind of hybridization, if we dare to say, which generated this mixed structure which appeared for the first time in the history of logic in the treatise on the logic of Ibn Sina and which can be considered a discovery by this author until proof to the contrary, and that the ancient Arabian logicians have taken the habit of exhibiting in their treatises.



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