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Konrad Szocik, Riccardo Campa, Alexander Boldachev, Dagmara SamoŇāyk, Adam Chlebisz, Mateusz Mierzejewski,

Riccardo Campa, philosopher and sociologist; professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His research focuses mainly on sociology of science and technology, futurology, historical sociology, bioethics, and the history of ideas.


Nietzsche and Transhumanism: A Meta-Analytical Perspective

In recent years a debate has developed over the ties between Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas and transhumanism. This article clarifies some issues at the meta-level of the discussion. Firstly, the author provides a scientometric analysis of research trends to show the relevance of the topic. Secondly, he distinguishes between two analytical perspectives, which he calls ‘noumenal’ and ‘phenomenal.’ Thirdly, by taking the phenomenal perspective, the author shows that transhumanism can be classified into four different categories, namely: quasi-Nietzschean, Nietzschean, a-Nietzschean, and anti-Nietzschean. Finally, he provides historical examples of each single type of transhumanism. This way, the article also contributes to the history of transhumanist thought.


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