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Konrad Szocik, Riccardo Campa, Alexander Boldachev, Dagmara Samołyk, Adam Chlebisz, Mateusz Mierzejewski,

Dagmara Samołyk. Her interests include behaviorism and occupational health and safety.


Behaviour Modelling and Safety at Work on a Construction Site

The concept of the method based on the behavioural approach as the method minimizing hazardous behaviours of employees has been discussed in this article. The main focus has been laid upon one of the largest economic sectors, i.e. is the construction industry. Thereby, risks arising from an improper behaviour of construction workers, and also a factor contributing to it, have been described here. The influence of employee’s age and day time have been analysed in terms of accident rates. The attention was also paid to alcohol consumed by workers during and after their work and to the influence that it has on dangerous behaviours. Different ways of approaches to the worker to improve safety and hygiene at work, as well as the manner in which the approach to employee should change depending on the situation, have been presented too.


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