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Fabien Schang, Saloua Chatti, Alexandre Costa-Leite, Daniele Chiffi, James Trafford, Edelcio G. de Souza, Alfredo Di Giorgio,

Daniele Chiffi is Research Fellow at Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia.

His research interests include: (formal) epistemology and pragmatics, non-classical logics, clinical reasoning, and philosophy of science.


Alfredo Di Giorgio holds a Ph.D. in History of Science at University of Bari and is currently Adjunct Professor of Logic at University of Salento. He edited (with D. Chiffi), Prova e giustificazione (2013) and published papers in national and international journals. His recent book is Insolubilia e propriates terminorum (2015). His interests include the philosophy of language and the history of logic with a special emphasis on those topics developed in Middle Ages and Renaissance.


Assertions and Conditionals:
A Historical and Pragmatic Stance

The assertion candidate expresses a potential logical-linguistic object that can be asserted. It differs from both the act and the product of assertion; it needs not to be actually asserted and differs from the assertion made. We investigate the medieval origins of this notion, which are almost neglected in contemporary logic. Our historical analysis suggests an interpretation of the assertion candidate within the system of logic for pragmatics.


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