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Andrzej Dąbrowski, Cezary Mordka, Robert Zaborowski, Magdalena Michalik-Jeżowska, Anna Pietrzak, Aleksandra Tokarz, Dominika Dziurawiec, Anna Głąb, Andrei Moldovan, Andrzej Dąbrowski, Agnieszka Iskra-Paczkowska, Przemysław Paczkowski,


Andrzej Dabrowski, assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow. His research focuses on epistemology, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language. He has published several articles, book chapters and the monograph Intencjonalność i semantyka [Intentionality and Semantics], (2013).


Emotions in Philosophy. A Short Introduction

In recent decades, there has been a renewed attention to the emotions amongst
scientists of different disciplines: psychology, psychiatry, neurobiology,
cognitive science, computer science, sociology, economics, and many others.
There are many research centers and scientific journals devoted to affective
states already existing. However, studies of emotion have a very long history –
especially in philosophy (anthropology, ethics, aesthetics, epistemology, and
rhetoric). Philosophers first raised many important questions about emotions
and their contribution to the discovery of the nature of emotions is very
important. The aim of the article is the reconstruction of the views on emotions
of particular thinkers in history of philosophy.


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