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Andrzej Dąbrowski, Cezary Mordka, Robert Zaborowski, Magdalena Michalik-Jeżowska, Anna Pietrzak, Aleksandra Tokarz, Dominika Dziurawiec, Anna Głąb, Andrei Moldovan, Andrzej Dąbrowski, Agnieszka Iskra-Paczkowska, Przemysław Paczkowski,

Agnieszka Iskra Paczkowska, Ph.D., University of Rzeszow, Institute of Philosophy, she also leads seminars at the Faculty of Art, researches in the field of aesthetics and classes in rhetoric.

Przemysław Paczkowski, professor of philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, University of Rzeszow. He specializes in the history of ancient philosophy, in particular moral philosophy.



Ancient Doctrines of Passions: Plato and Aristotle

The subject of this essay is a discussion of the doctrines of emotions of Plato
and Aristotle. According to both them it is impossible to oust the passions from
the good, i.e. happy life. On the contrary, emotions are an important
component of human excellence. We investigate this question with reference to
Plato’s doctrine of the soul and his concept of a perfect life, and Aristotle’s
ethics, poetics and rhetoric.


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