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Pawel Lont, Piotr Misztal, Rafał Rydzewski, Maciej Stradomski, Katarzyna Schmidt, Stanisław Ślusarczyk, Marcin Złoty, Marta Martyniak,

Doctor of Economic Sciences. Assistant professor at the Department of Finance and International Investment, Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Lodz. The author of articles and publications on the commodity market, financialization, innovation and economic development. Scientific interests are related to the transformations of the commodity market and the international economy.


Financialization of Commodity Market

The aim of the article is to present possible consequences caused by the development of commodity market financialization understood by the influence of financial investor’s speculation. Also the task of elaboration is to outline the existence of financial factors in the price creation process of commodities. The existing impact of financialization on the volatility of commodity prices significantly modifies the market. The results of the research and analyzes carried out indicate a similarity in the behavior of the markets of commodities. The situation results from the redistribution of the risk of financial investors who having a few goods in the investment portfolio, next to large transaction volumes affect the unification of price trends. Price shaping factors are being transformed. The decrease importance of supply or consumption in the context of the commodities market changes its form. The growing influence of investors who create numerous speculations transforms the market. Trade in futures contracts affects the level of commodities prices.


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